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KK-008 Tractor, Truck, Truck Industry

The KK-008 Tractor, Truck, Truck Industry information file which is a chain of methods for our businessman who produces components for Tow Trucks, Trucks, Light Duty Trucks, prepared by Koru Dyeing Chemical Industry Tech Team ™.

The KK-008 system allows engineers, purchasing experts and dye inspectors to choose the most accurate and cost-effective system. This method enables the user to present best-dyed product to the customer with the right choice. In this way, the quality of the dye increases the quality of the applied product. The KK-008 system allows you to choose the method which is right for you, the right product pyramid and your product service time. Choosing the KK-008 scenario that best suits you will protect you from the unexpected costs that may arise from the faults in the coating on your product.

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